Odor Removal

Advanced Technology Odor Removal and Sanitizing

Our Phoenix FreshAir Treatments are a complete, safe way to eliminate odor in any indoor space.  We do this by using a safe, natural, but strong sanitizing application eliminating bacteria, fungus and germs which are at the source most odors. 

Apartments and Real Estate

 Foul odor in a home can break a deal fast! Selling or renting a home is challenging enough. Increase your odds and turn your properties fast by making sure it is pleasant to all senses! 


 Do foul smells haunt your Car, RV, Boat or Company Vehicle? Odor lingers in the carpet, the seats, the air ducts, or trunk.   We treat the entire inside of any vehicle including vents, so we do not have to try to guess where it’s coming from. 

Office and Medical Facilities

Indoor air quality is a serious issue in the workplace. We consume ten times more air than food or water. Poor air quality can cause headaches, tiredness, occasional nausea, and even illness. Whether foul odors, infections, or air quality; protect your staff and clients by providing a safe and healthy workplace. 

Infection Control

  Our safe, biodegradable treatment has a high (6)-log kill against virus, bacteria, fungus, disease, etc. Originally designed for the US Military. This is a broad spectrum sanitizing product with extraordinary abilities to prevent cross contamination of disease that passes by common touch points.  Schools, Daycare, Gyms, Medical Facilities and even your Office. You will find that this product can effectively sanitize large areas with minimal down time. 

Schools and Day Care

Not only can we help with your typical odors in a school or classroom, we are actually sanitizing the air and surrounding surfaces. With our natural, safe and epa registered products you can be reassured that the passing of germs will be greatly reduced without having to use any harsh chemicals! We can safely eliminate viral and bacterial elements to keep the children and staff healthier and happier!